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Video Overlay Generator  VSL 201

        Two video inputs

            Moveable line of text

        Composite video or Y/C inputs and output

            Horizontal / Vertical image mirror / flip

        High resolution 768 x 576 pixels  (CCIR PAL format)

            4 stored setups

        Software switchable between CCIR-PAL and EIA-NTSC

            Powers up with  setup-1

        Fixed single Reticule

            Mouse driven (PS2)

        Moveable single crosshairs

            Unit to be remote from mouse, power and cabling

        Moveable twin crosshairs

            Feature rich hierarchical menu

        Twin crosshairs with measurement

            BNC (Composite video) input and outputs

        Moveable Triple crosshairs

            MiniDIN (Y/C video) input and outputs

        Moveable Reticule and 2 concentric boxes

            Low power

        Moveable Reticule and 2 concentric circles

            User replaceable power source (12V, 1A) and mouse

        White / black reticules

            Configurable logic processor

        Solid or a selection of dashed reticules

            ARM CPU

        Left Right screen split


        Top Bottom screen split




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