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Bespoke solutions and contract work:

 We can offer a complete turnkey solution from concept to product; to troubleshooting a design.  If you feel we can help, either long term or short, please do contact us.  We include our interests and skills below though are always interested in widening our scope.


Key skills:

  Analogue and Digital electronic design

  FPGA design VHDL and some Verilog

  High speed analogue and digital techniques

  Real time systems

  Deep knowledge of Xilinx and Altera toolsets

  Knowledge of JPEG and video compression

  Embedded processor software and debug

  Good analytical skills

  Design rescue

  Project management skills

  Business management


  Other areas

        Knowledge of video and its various formats.

        Knowledge of communications, SONET, SDH and POS as well as RS232, RS485, RS422.

        Networks, TC/IP, UDP.  CRC generation. Ethernet.

        Written a TCP/IP stack with a webpage running on an embedded processor.

        Knowledge of SDRAM, DDR and similar memory architectures.

        DDS - Direct Digital (frequency) Synthesis techniques, GSM modulation techniques.

        Knowledge of ADCs and DACs and their specifications.

        Low noise analogue techniques.

        Knowledge of JPEG, MPEG, DCT and Huffman encoding.

        Knowledge of JTAG boundary scan and programming of devices, XSVF player.

        Competent with PCs and various aspects of networks.

        Knowledgeable of the human visual interface and its characteristics.

        Some knowledge of mechanical principles and rotating machines.

        Motor drive control theory, phase and speed control.


General skills.

Electronic design

FPGA toolsets: Xilinx ISE: EDK, Chipscope. Altera: Quartus

PCB Schematic capture and Layout: Protel, Altium, Pulsonix, PADs, Ranger

Hardware VHDL simulation tools: ISE and Aldec


Embedded processors and CPUs

CPUs: Hitachi, Motorola, PIC, Rabbit, 80C51 variants, ARM 7 (LPC2294, LPC2378), MicroBlaze (Xilinx EDK)

Languages: C and Assembler.


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